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Welcome to our site is intended for people who's hearts belong to Europe. People who like to share their experience and like to create a valued community. Members who care to make Europe a more enjoyable place to travel. If you know a famous hotel, restaurant, activity or sight this is a place where you can share your opinion. It is very easy, you only need to register. After doing so, you are ready to upload and rate contents. Check the site frequently, what you see is only the beginning, we are constantly adding exciting features.

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Bzz pizza

Description: You must try BZZ Pizza once you are in Kaunas!!

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Hill of Crosses

Description: The Hill of Crosses is a site of pilgrimage about 12 km north of the city of äiauliai, in northern Lithuania. The exact origins are unknown, but it is considered that the first crosses were placed in the mid 19th century. Over the centuries, the place has come to signify the peaceful endurance of Lithuanian Catholicism despite the threats it faced throughout history. Nowadays there are more than 50.000 crosses on the hill.
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