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Diós Kisvendéglő Pécs

Description: The restaurant has been expecting old and new guests since 1997 on the Diósi road, close to the main road No.6, but in a silent suburbian area of Pécs. The Restaurant Diós is famous of its huge pancakes (about 1 kg each, with 50 different sweet or salty filling). Other specialties are worth considering as well such as tripe in bread crumbs, half-meter sausage, bean and cabbage stew, bean or cabbage in jug.
Address:46. Diósi út Pécs, 7630, Hungary
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Category: LocalAverage price: 10 €
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User commented: Kata
added on 2007-09-08 22:35:19
"You have to try the 1-kilo pancake! It's fantastic! Not to be missed! "
Money spent: 0-10 €/person
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